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Getting an SEO site audit can be extremely valuable for a site owner. Audits shed a lot of light on things that may be holding you back from search engine success.

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The HashtagJeff Experience

After formally auditing hundreds of sites and informally auditing thousands, I’ve come to better understand what you need and don’t need from an SEO expert. I’ve learned that SEO is “hard” because experts like us, made it that way.

This is why, I decided to change the way you get an audit (with the help of my team, of course).

What's wrong with most SEO site audits?

You need solutions, not more problems. When you get a site audit, what you typically get are lists upon lists of issues, warnings, and errors.

A site audit also tends to put you in a difficult place by giving you too much too fast.

If you’ve done a site audit before, you know it’s a lot like drinking from a fire hose. The information in any audit may be good, but educating you on how to use that information is all too often not a part of your audit.

Our Solution: PHASES!

Instead of loading your plate with endless amounts of information and expecting you to know what to do with it, your audit is broken into 3 actionable phases, which are much easier to digest. Each phase provides instruction on where to start, what to do, and how to do it.

While it might sound cliche, what we deliver is much less an audit and much more of an experience.

Our approach to auditing your site is not just telling you what’s wrong, but we also give you clear instructions on how you can fix it.

We provide indefinite access to content that will help you through the various aspects of each phase. Why is this so important? Well, if something changes in 3 months we will make updates to these documents to keep you current.

What Does An Audit Cover?

There are so many little things that we cover in our audits that it’s difficult to name every single one. Well, it’s not that difficult, but it’s a whole lot of terms and technical jargon that will likely put you to sleep.

Here’s a generalized sample of that list:

  • Site architecture
  • Page performance (and speed)
  • Content/Page structure
  • Structured markup
  • Proper use of SEO elements
  • So much more!

My primary goal is to help you find success with SEO. I don’t do any sort of paid marketing. All of my business comes by word of mouth and by being recommended by others. My clients are happy due to the amount of time and attention I give to everyone I work with.

What Are We Looking For?

In short, Issues and opportunities. When we audit your site we’re looking to help with two things-

  • Identify and fix everything that will improve the user’s experience on your site.
  • Follow technical best practices that will help Google better understand your site.

In the audit, we provide both strategic and actionable recommendations that look to build upon your site’s strengths as well as manage its shortcomings.

What Does An Audit Cost?

The fee for a site audit is dependent on size and traffic because of the amount of time it takes to audit a large site compared to one with much less content or traffic.

Fill out the and we’ll get back to you with the cost and timing of an audit. We also have a few extras you can choose if you’d like additional help.

Popular Question

This all depends. Getting a site audit is like sending your site to the doctor to have its symptoms checked and diagnosed. Just as diagnoses and treatments depend on the severity of a human’s illness, the same is true for your website.

Just like a doctor can fix a seriously painful issue by simply popping a bone back into place, it’s more often than not that we discover things in an audit that, like this, are easy fixes but very impactful.

Other times a doctor might recommend treating a minor illness with something that takes a lot more effort, like a restricted diet and rigorous exercise. It’s also very likely that in your audit that we’ll come across fixes that, like dieting and exercise, take a lot of work but focus on the long-term benefits.

What we focus on in our audits is clearly communicating why something is a problem and what needs to be done to fix it. So while not every recommendation is “easy” it’s our goal, that you walk away feeling like you have the know-how and the right tools for the job.

In short, no. The audit is simply that, an inspection of your site and report that outlines what needs to be fixed and strategies that will help going forward.

The audit is a lot like a map, we’ll show you where to go, where the road may be rough at times, but ultimately, you’re the one taking the journey.

“But I’m not a very technical person!“

Don’t you worry, we work with a lot of people that aren’t very technical and they have been able to have lots of success with our audits.

SEO is a lot less scary than it was in years previous. You likely have all the resources you need already. If not, we’ll make a few recommendations on some people or services that can help.

We’ve refined our audits over time to be concentrated and dense. We want you feeling like you got some serious bang for your buck. With that said, we believe that the level of detail we provide should match the severity of the issue or opportunity your site is facing.

While we are looking at every nook and cranny within your website, we don’t feel the need to draw attention to every cobweb or carpet stain… We’re far more concerned with issues like- the leak in the attic or a crack in the foundation. These are the things we think deserve your time and attention.

So while we believe our audits are detailed, we’ve purposefully opted out of using jargon that needs defining, PDFs that never seem to end, and all other elements that might feel like they’re there to make us look smart and you feel dumb.

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

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