Our SEO Philosophy

You’re a blogger, a content creator, and a publisher. People come to you because you have something they’re hungry for (maybe not literally… unless you’re a food blogger).

Because you’re a publisher, you’re also doing SEO. Because there’s no turning SEO on and off, “not doing SEO” just means you risk doing it poorly. You’re either capturing opportunities from Google, or you’re missing them.

SEO Of Yesterday vs Today

SEO hasn’t really “changed” as much as everyone likes to think that it has. The only things that have changed over the years are the tactics marketers have used to affect rankings in search results. As Google (and other search engines) have evolved marketers have had to find new ways to manipulate search results.

But that’s all SEO of yesterday. I only focus on the SEO of tomorrow, because that’s the only way to do it if you want long-term results.

What Happened To SEO?

In 2017 and 2018, Google did something big. Instead of trying to determine what should rank by their own measures, Google began looking to you and me to tell them what should rank.

People interact with websites that help them very differently than websites that don’t. Google began carefully measuring those differences. Now, having an idea of what behaviors indicate a pleased user, and which indicate a displeased user, Google can use measurements of those user-generated behaviors to prioritize rankings.

Just like that, SEO changed forever.

Because of this shift, SEO is no longer about conforming to algorithms, it’s about satisfying searchers. All of a sudden, satisfying users is satisfying search engines.

Adopting A New SEO Mindset

In the past, it’s true, SEO didn’t really make sense. For most of us, SEO was simply this thing we had to do because not doing it meant not ranking. Things have changed.

Today, doing something specifically “for SEO” is like missing the forest for the trees. Nothing is “good for SEO” unless it is first and foremost, good for the user.

“Can’t You Just Do It For Me?”

Your website is like a bronco that you’ve trained, day in, and day out (I’m from Idaho, I have to use a horse analogy). When you outsource, you put a stranger on the back of a beast that they do not understand. When that beast finds someone other than you on the saddle, things get out of control fast and typically, someone gets bucked.

This is why we’re insistent that site owners learn and direct their own SEO efforts. No one knows what’s best for your site like you do. Just as it would be with owning a horse, others can help and assist with everyday tasks, but ultimately, you’re best suited to be in control.

Where HashtagJeff Can Help

My services are about doing SEO with you, not for you. You’ve come this far because you’re good at whatever it is that you do. Your readers like you and what you’ve created for them. The course, our site audits, consulting sessions, they’re not designed to tell you what to do, they’re designed to amplify what you’re already doing. You got here because you were you…I’m not here to change that.

Our services are about helping you expand your reach by incorporating valuable habits into what you’re already doing. The more we get familiar with you and your brand, the better direction we are able to give to help you win the trust of search engines.

With that, let’s get started! Let us know how we can help you reach that next level with your website.