The HashtagJeff SEO Mastermind course is both a course and a community. Learn, ask questions, and you’ll be your own SEO expert in no time.

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A Course Built For People Who Say,

We Hear You

SEO is hardly glamorous, but believe it or not, SEO actually saves you time and is a lot more simple than you think. It’s usually just hard to understand because you have nerds explaining it to you in nerdy language.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re nerds too, we’re just bilingual and know how to speak nerd and blogger.

The Importance Of Learning SEO

As you manage your website, you’re either doing SEO consciously, or you’re doing it unconsciously. Because there is no turning SEO on or off, if you’re not doing SEO in a way that benefits your site, then you’re doing it in a way that harms it.

This course simply brings to light ways to improve your process (not change it entirely).

The HashtagJeff Method

Our goal is to get SEO working for you, not against you. That’s exactly why this course…

Is built for the busy. Modules are bite-sized. Most can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Is tailored to your niche. Course roadmaps for Food, Home & Craft/DIY and Lifestyle content verticals (with more to come).

Brings creators together. Collaborate, discuss and ask questions, all inside the course.

Is built for those with questions. The entire course is searchable and open Q&A sessions are held weekly.

Helps your network grow. Members are invited to join an online community with 1000+ publishers.

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