Author: Jeff Hawley

SEO: More Than Getting That Green Light

The Yoast SEO plugin is a great tool for bloggers. There’s more to SEO than getting that little green light. In fact, after reading about how I use Yoast SEO you’ll realize that I don’t even get a green light every time. To be clear, Yoast SEO is my favorite SEO plugin for WordPress and I highly recommend having it. My purpose here is not to discourage you from using it. I write today because when I ask bloggers what they know about SEO or what they’ve been doing for their SEO the response I get is “I’ve gotten really...

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Using Shortlinks and Google Analytics to A/B Test

tl;dr Use Google’s Campaign URL Builder to add source and campaign information to your URL to push into Google Analytics. Take that really long URL and shorten with Google URL Shortener. Then post. You’ll see this campaign information in your Google Analytics now. Ta-da…you’ve got more than just “click” data. What You Will Need: Website with Google Analytics installed. Access to that Google Analytics account. Google URL Shortener Have a PURPOSE When Using URL Shorteners Using a URL shortener (like and are a waste of time unless you have a purpose. If you have a website you should have...

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